PSU Students & Migration Brewing Join Forces, Maximize Hipsterness

In a scenario that could come straight from IFC’s Portlandia, students from Portland State University and Portland-based Migration Brewing have teamed up to create a new beer variety with a smaller carbon footprint. Proceeds from sales of the beverage go toward a noble fundraising effort for the Oregon Environmental Council.

“A Carbon-Conscious Beer”

Dubbed Little Foot Red Ale, the new craft beer was developed following in-depth analysis of the carbon emissions caused in the brewing and bottling process. Migration chose an array of organic ingredients to brew what the brewery is describing as a medium-bodied, citrusy red ale with a dry, spicy finish. To further reduce Little Foot’s carbon footprint, the beer will only be sold at Migration’s in-house pub. It will be available starting in January.

PSU students have taken on nearly all other aspects of the beer’s creation. Graphics and branding were created by PSU graphic design students. PSU students also chose the name, cooked up the slogan “Drink CO2nsciously,” etched pint glasses for use in Migration’s pub, crocheted growler cozies (how Portlandia is that?), and launched a number of social media promotions for the brew.

Mmm... beer

Mmm… beer

According to Fletcher Beaudoin (yep), assistant director of Portland State’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions (double yep), “Migration is one of the many Portland breweries looking […] at the impacts of their industry and making moves to improve their environmental performance. I’m proud that PSU was able to play a key role in creating a carbon-conscious beer.”

Drink for A Good Cause

And not just, “’Cause I wanna get drunk.” Proceeds from sales of Little Foot Red Ale will go toward climate programs sponsored by the Oregon Environmental Council. Said the OEC’s Jessica Moskovitz, “OEC is working to cut pollution by transitioning to cleaner energy, cleaner fuels, and climate friendly transportation options […] We are always on the lookout for new and creative solutions.

“This project represents everything that the Emerging Leaders Board does,” Moskovitz added. “It’s creative, collaborative, and it’s all about one of the things that makes Oregon great: our beer.”

Release Party at Migration Brewing

Migration Brewing, PSU students, and the Oregon Environmental Council invite one and all (21+ one and all, that is) to join them at the brewery for a special release party celebrating Little Foot Red Ale. The event will take place Thursday, 22 January 2015, from 5-7 PM at Migration Brewing, 2828 NE Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon.

Photo credit: PDX Beer Geek / Foter / CC BY